Are You A Poet or Artist?


Attention all writers and poets! We are looking for your work! We are continuously looking for articles and poems to be published in Westside Line every month. If you have an article or poem that you would like to see published in our monthly newsletter, we ask that you click on the “Publication Form” below and email it in Word or Rich Text Format to: This is your newsletter and we would like to highlight the work of our readers. We ask that all articles be related to the subjects of self-help.

Publication Form


GET YOUR WORK PUBLISHED IN THE FUTURE NEWSLETTER!!Picture1 The journey of recovery can often times produce greatest works of art! SHARE your self-expression with our readers! Please send pictures of your artwork to



Submit them for publication!!

Just drop it in the box at SHARE!

6666 Green Valley Circ. Culver City, CA with your:

▪ Name

▪ Address

▪ Telephone Number

And see it in a future newsletter


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