Groups at Share

Find the Help that is Right for You!


(877) 742-7349

One toll-free number puts you in touch with more than 10,000 self-help support groups in Los Angeles. Let our referral specialists find the right group for you in your neighborhood. The referrals are free. The support groups are low or no cost.

Or check our directory for Share! Downtown Los Angeles and Culver City locations. Everyday of the week, Monday-Sunday. Which one is right for you?

Which One is Right for You?

GET HELP WITH: Anger, depression, quitting smoking, artistic inspiration, self-esteem, cancer, panic attacks, addiction, eating disorders, adoption, men’s groups, women’s groups, public speaking, job problems, sexual abuse, ADD, bereavement, childhood issues, disease, anxiety, family problems, clutter, OCD, chronic fatigue, money problems, AIDS/HIV, relationships, goals, diabetes, sexuality, compulsions, care giving, stroke recovery, body image, alcoholism, teen problems, feelings, loneliness, learning disabilities, domestic violence, mental and physical illness and a hundred of other concerns.

Whatever the Problem, SHARE! has a Support Group for You!

FREE service updated MONTHLY provided by SHARE!


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