Jobs Seekers Peer Support


Saturdays @ 1:00PM Freedom room

The SHARE! Jobs Seekers Peer Support Program is a comprehensive program designed to arm the potential job seeker with the skills necessary to successfully navigate the job-application process.

Qualification for the program

The program is open to anyone with any proficiency level in any particular skill set. We work with the applicant in order to identify abilities and strengths that can translate into marketable job skills. The program is designed to assist Volunteer to Job applicants with little or no job skills.

The Process

The Jobs Seekers Peer Support program will take an applicant from an initial assessment through a process that builds specific skills necessary for success in today’s workplace.

Throughout the program, applicants will participate in resume writing seminars, helping them fully comprehend the skill in which they possess. Throughout the program, the applicant will be taught the social skills necessary to successfully thrive in the workplace.

Interview skills will also be developed so that the applicant will be able to articulate his skills to a potential employer. The use of simulated interviews will help the build the applicant’s confidence in the interview setting. SHARE! will work to help develop a 5-year plan: A roadmap for setting and reaching immediate and long-term goals. In addition to the meetings, SHARE! will assist the applicant when filling out job applications.

SHARE! hopes that the individual will attend at least 6 meetings in order to receive the necessary information and skills that will arm them to successfully gain employment.

We provide

The ability to use SHARE! on their resume as a volunteer.

An address, should they need to receive correspondence or list an address on a resume/application.

Telephone service to receive messages and as a number to list on an application.

What we need

Volunteers with human resource skills/ life experience, who want to be of service.

Looking for a Job……


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