SHARE! Volunteer-to-Job Intern Program

SHARE!, a non-profit community self-help center, is seeking people to participate in our Volunteer-to-Job Program. The Volunteer-to-Job Program gives people the opportunity to start out slowly before taking on the responsibilities of employment. Participants develop a personalized program with our staff, which will teach necessary job skills, provide experience and lead to gainful employment, as soon as the participant is ready. Participants volunteer a minimum of four hours per week and receive training for any of the job titles below or another of their choice:

Community Organizer

Administrative Assistant

Self-Help Specialist

Meeting Coordinator


Special Event Coordinator

Marketing Associate


Public Relations Assistant

Peer Bridger

Volunteer Coordinator

Referral Specialist

When the participant feels ready for a paid job, SHARE! will help him/her find one.


Willingness to attend three self-help support groups per week

Ability to participate a minimum of four hours per week

Desire to have paid employment

Ability to learn new tasks

SHARE! is an equal opportunity employer.  We value people who have turned their lives around after difficult circumstances, including felony convictions, mental health challenges and other problems.  If you love self-help support groups, are open minded, willing to work hard.


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