Ask a SHARE! Volunteer

How did you hear about SHARE!?
-I noticed people would always hang out in front of the building and I was curious. I started coming to meetings – Alfonso
-I came from Long Beach Sober living, I had financial struggles and I ended up at LAMP, homeless, helpless, hungry, and living in tents and hotels. And then I heard about SHARE! – Teresa

How long have you been attending SHARE!?
-Almost two years – Sarah
-Probably since January – David

How do you participate at SHARE!?

-By sharing my experience, strength, and hope – Alfonso
-I’m the Coffee girl – Lana
-Being of service, I have about 70 hours or more – Teresa

Who would you recommend to visit SHARE!?
-To people that are having problems with addiction or
behavior problems – Alfonso
-Homeless people, people that are trying to change their lives and people that need help or resources – Ellonzo
-It’s a safe haven so anybody that needs help – Teresa

What advice would you give someone who is new to RECOVERY?
-My advice is to come to SHARE! if you need help, like
struggle with drugs or alcohol problems they will help you
and you will make friends – David
-If you really want to recover come to SHARE! – Lana
-Get a sponsor and work the steps – Sarah

What is your favorite meeting at SHARE!?
-My favorite is Tuesday and Wednesday Alcoholics
Anonymous- David
-Friday Narcotics Anonymous – Lana
-Tuesday and Wednesday AA big book- Eddie
-Narcotics Anonymous on Saturdays – Ellonzo
-Wednesdays NA baby ! – Sarah

In one word describe your experience at SHARE!
-Uplifting- Alfonso
-Helpful- David
-Outgoing- Eddie
-Lovable- Ellonzo

If you could point out one aspect of your life that has changed for the better after attending SHARE! What would that be?
-A better sense of self respect -Alfonso
-I’ve been not hanging with bad people, not doing drugs. And I’m coming every day making friends- David
-Interacting with people without judging them- Eddie
-Being a mother- Lana
-Housing- Sarah

What is your favorite memory at SHARE!?
-The day that I learned how to change my life during an AA meeting. Someone shared about having good days and bad days. I related and that is my favorite moment– David
-Oh wow, I can’t think of one I have many. Ok, the party we had for David like a year ago. There were many people that came together and I had a great time- Sarah
-Being Sober for two years is my best moment ! – Teresa

Post your comments or questions below and a SHARE! Volunteer will get back to you


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