Dual Diagnosis

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Topics of Dual Diagnosis

As with all alcohol and recovery groups the most important topic is total abstinence from mood altering substances as well as taking medication as prescribed. The essence of Dual Diagnosis Recovery is to address both illnesses at the same time.

(I suppose these can all include simpler sub topics. )

1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy topics (emphasizing the important role of thinking in how we feel and what we do) can include topics like the following.

a. Dealing with emotions

b. Positive and negative use of the imagination

c. Finding creative and stimulating activities

2. Symptom Management

3. Medication Education

4. Illness Education

5. Relapse Prevention

6. Recovery Living Skills

7. Expressive Therapy

8. Life Skills

9. Assertiveness Training

10. Cognitive Education

11. Goal Setting

12. Dual Diagnosis Recovery Anonymous meetings

This list of questions I also found personally helpful.

What Are the Symptoms of a Dual Diagnosis?

The following questions may assist you in determining whether or not you have a dual diagnosis. Individuals who answer yes to more than one or two of the questions from each section are very likely to have a co-occurring disorder.

Section 1:

Are there periods of time when your mind seems to race and you can’t seem to shut off your thoughts?

Are there times when it seems as though others are watching you or reading your mind?

Do you have periods of time when nothing seems to alleviate your feelings of sadness or worry? Do these feelings seem to take over your life?

Do you have recurring thoughts of death or suicide?

Do you hear voices?

Have you ever been too scared to leave your house?

Section 2:

Are you worried that your drinking or drug usage is getting out of control?

Do you find yourself using alcohol and/or other drugs to escape from your feelings?

Do you use drugs or alcohol to help you socialize?

Do you want to stop using but are afraid of the feelings?

When you feel depressed or nervous, do drugs and/or alcohol alleviate the feelings and temporarily make you feel better?


We band together to help ourselves recover from our addictions and mental problems. We share our experiences to help ourselves become honest, open-minded, and willing. Sharing helps all of us to remember how it was and how we arrived at where we are today.


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