Survivors of Incest Anonymous

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We empower those who have survived childhood sexual abuse (who are not abusing any child), who want to become survivors and thrivers.  Using our experience, strength and hope, we do this by:

• offering referrals to SIA, self-help, support ​groups

• providing information to start SIA groups, ​intergroups, and national service ​offices

• creating and distributing SIA ​information tools ​(literature, ​newsletter, electronic ​media)

• offering a speakers’ bureau

•  guiding SIA’s public information efforts ​worldwide

Any sexual contact, covert or overt, between a child and a trusted individual that damaged the child, whether these contacts included suggestive remarks, pornography, fondling or acts of sexual aggression or torture, needs to be dealt with assertively. These contacts scar virtually all facets of victims’ lives since we are left with little or no self-esteem. At least one out of five boys and one out of three girls will be abused before they reach the age of eighteen. The child’s emotional growth will be arrested at the age of the first attack, and we have found the surviving victim won’t begin to work on recovery until adulthood, if then.

Boys, as well as girls, are victims of child  sexual abuse. Abusers come in all shapes and sizes. Many perpetrators were perceived by the child to be an authority, including: father, grandfather, mother, brother, uncle, friend of the family, aunt, teacher — unfortunately the list is endless.


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