The mission of SHARE! the Self-Help and Recovery Exchange, is to help people in Los Angeles pursue personal growth and change. SHARE! empowers people to change their own lives and provides them a loving, safe, non-judgmental place where they can find community, information and support.SHARE! provides many services including:

  • SHARE! Collaborative Housing is a public-private partnership to provide affordable, permanent, supportive housing to disabled people. Disabled residents share a bedroom in a house with a roommate of their choice. The owner furnishes the house, pays for all the utilities, does not collect a Security Deposit and joins an owners’ association that regularly inspects the houses to ensure quality. The sponsoring government or other organization provides referrals to the house, responds to any tenant problems in a timely manner, visits regularly to help with residents’ needs and insures that the house is properly run. Residents attend weekly self-help support groups, help with neighborhood projects and provide support for other residents. Community groups provide mentors for gardening and cooking and help with problems that pop up.
  • Self-help Support Group Clearinghouse for Los Angeles County. Countywide referrals to 10,000 self-help meetings representing 500 different programs. Our information is updated monthly as self-help groups tend to move around or be moved around and come and go. Our Self-Help Specialists can find a meeting in your neighborhood that is right for you. SHARE!’s 24-hour voicemail lets you push button for contact information for hundreds of self-help groups. Call (310) 846-5270 or toll free 1-877-SHARE-49.
  • SHARE! Self-Help Centers. SHARE! operates self-help centers that provide meeting space for self-help support groups of all kinds ranging from anger management, depression, self-esteem, communications and relationships, incest survivors, alcoholics, drug addicts, smoking, reaching goals, etc. Meetings pay a percentage of their donations so that there is no rent pressure and it is easy to start a new meeting. Each meeting room is furnished like a living room, with the exception of our writing room, which has a conference table and chairs. We provide space for sober dances, self-help marathon meetings and conferences.
  • SHARE! Culver City has been providing meeting space in Culver City for 16 years. SHARE! Culver City currently has six meeting rooms where approximately 90 self-help support groups meet each week. We also have leads on meeting space in other parts of the county.
  • SHARE! Downtown in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, has five meeting room with more than 35 self-help support groups meeting each week.
  • Technical assistance for new and ongoing meetings. We can help with formation, meeting content, format, publicity, problems, etc. Open literature policy. SHARE! accepts any and all materials for distribution at our center. Just send them or drop them off.
  • Volunteer-to-Job Program gives anyone a meaningful job at SHARE! no matter how limited their skills or debilitating their symptoms. SHARE! trains and encourages our Volunteer-to-Jobs participants until they develop the skills and confidence to obtain an unsubsidized job either at SHARE! or in the community.
  • Volunteer opportunities for ordinary people or for those doing court-ordered community service. We accept all volunteers even those with limited skills or felony convictions.

SHARE! is prepared to make reasonable accommodations to accommodate people with disabilities. SHARE!’s policy is to provide accessible policies, programs, services or activities and practices. Do you have a suggestion on how SHARE! could be more accessible? Please let SHARE! know by emailing Libby

SHARE! is supported by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health and private donations. SHARE! is currently seeking new directors to sit on its Board. Interested community-minded people should contact Ruth Hollman at (310) 846-5270. SHARE! is a project of the Emotional Health Association, a California non-profit 501(c) 3 corporation.


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