Ask a SHARE! Volunteer

How did you hear about SHARE!?
-I noticed people would always hang out in front of the building and I was curious. I started coming to meetings – Alfonso
-I came from Long Beach Sober living, I had financial struggles and I ended up at LAMP, homeless, helpless, hungry, and living in tents and hotels. And then I heard about SHARE! – Teresa

How long have you been attending SHARE!?
-Almost two years – Sarah
-Probably since January – David

How do you participate at SHARE!?

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SHARE! Volunteer-to-Job Intern Program

SHARE!, a non-profit community self-help center, is seeking people to participate in our Volunteer-to-Job Program. The Volunteer-to-Job Program gives people the opportunity to start out slowly before taking on the responsibilities of employment. Participants develop a personalized program with our staff, which will teach necessary job skills, provide experience and lead to gainful employment, as soon as the participant is ready. Participants volunteer a minimum of four hours per week and receive training for any of the job titles below or another of their choice:

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